Mental Health

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Mental and Physical Health Go Hand in Hand

Our bodies are more linked than we often realize. Instead of looking at different parts of our health separately, the team at Integrity Urgent Care wants to treat our patients, community, and friends in their entirety. By considering the connections between mental health and physical health, we can do a better job at identifying problems and working at solving them, together.

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Coping Skills for Your Mental Health

Caring for yourself is more than eating right, exercising, and coming to see the team of medical staff at Integrity Urgent Care. Caring for yourself can also mean taking care of your metal health, in a variety of settings and in response to different kinds of stress. By learning coping skills that work for you, because everyone will cope differently, you will be a better version of yourself in any scenario.

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Mental Health: What to Look For

Under the best circumstances, caring for and learning more about mental health is a good idea. Add in extra stressors, whether local, global, or both, and paying attention to fluctuations and changes in your mental health is imperative to staying healthy. Knowing some of the signs and concerns about different mental health issues and changes can assist in heading things off or getting the help you need to stay healthy.

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Boost Your Mental Health With These 8 Tips

We applaud the efforts and strides being made to increase mental health awareness in our communities around the globe. Mental health is a vital component of overall health and one that has long been ignored. In fact, the more we discuss and talk about it, in person, through articles, and in other forms of media, the better we can help one another and understand our journeys. Each one of us has scenarios where we can use a mental boost, whether from stress of illness, current events, job circumstances, or a little bit of everything weighing down at once. Integrity Urgent Care is here to help protect your physical and mental wellness with these tips.