Boost Your Mental Health With These 8 Tips

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We applaud the efforts and strides being made to increase mental health awareness in our communities around the globe. Mental health is a vital component of overall health and one that has long been ignored. In fact, the more we discuss and talk about it, in person, through articles, and in other forms of media, the better we can help one another and understand our journeys. Each one of us has scenarios where we can use a mental boost, whether from stress of illness, current events, job circumstances, or a little bit of everything weighing down at once. Integrity Urgent Care is here to help protect your physical and mental wellness with these tips.

     1. Positive thinking, and talking

The way we manage our internal dialogue and the way we speak about ourselves, whether to others or simply to ourselves, has an impact on how we feel. By reframing our thoughts and statements in positive ways, we can boost how we feel. Even if a scenario didn’t go as we wanted it, finding the positive aspects of our own contributions can help greatly.

     2. Practice gratitude

Talking about or writing about the things in your life you are grateful for is one of the biggest contributors to mental health. Psychology Today contends that “the best-researched method to increase feelings of gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal or write a daily gratitude list.” By having this reminder and this habit, you are more likely to carry the mental effects throughout your day.

     3. Exercise 

Your mental and physical wellness are linked. By focusing on working out, ideally for 30 minutes a day or more, you are releasing a number of hormones that bring stress levels down and can boost your mood. Additionally, increasing the level of oxygen in your system and adding the opportunity for time in the sun and nature can give even more benefits to your frame of mind.

     4. Eat well

The food we put into our body and the way we do so can impact our mental wellness. The concepts are the same ones we encourage for health all the time, by eating a diverse array of vegetables, fruits, protein, omega-3 rich foods, and a reasonable amount of carbohydrates, you give your body and mind the best shot of being healthy. Look for a rainbow of colors at meals as much as possible and pay attention to taking the time to sit and enjoy your meal, too.

     5. Find someone to talk to 

We need relationships with other people; we need others to talk to, to understand us, and to help us grow. We need time building those relationships and spending time with one another. Finding healthy relationships with someone who respects you and values you is imperative to your mental well-being.

     6. Reach out to others

It may be the person you go to in our fifth recommendation here or it may be a complete stranger, but find ways to help others. By taking time to think about someone else’s needs you can discover small ways to be kind and to help enrich your own life.

     7. Take a break

It is easy to get bogged down in work, tasks, or even in our own negative thoughts. By taking a break away from sources of tension, we can recalibrate and refocus, allowing us to handle tension and stress more effectively. Find a method that works for you, maybe counting down from a specific number, taking a walk, learning a brief breathing exercise, or doing a small amount of your favorite hobby.

     8. Rest

Numerous postings by our own clinic and by doctors around the world argue the importance of sleep. By continuing your efforts of going to bed on time, by trying to get consistent hours of sleep, and by creating a sleep environment free from distractions, you can help your mind (and body) prepare for the day ahead.


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