Heart Health

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Healthy Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol

We have all seen the advertisements that feature food items being heart healthy and claims that their products can lower your cholesterol, but how valid and needed are these products to lowering your cholesterol? You may also be wondering if there are other ways you can reduce the negative impact of cholesterol in your life. Our Integrity Urgent Care team is interested in your health and helping you take steps every day to improve it. There are a number of steps you can take to lower your cholesterol today.

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What Are the Signs of a Heart Attack

Nobody wants to experience medical emergencies, especially not one as potentially serious as a heart attack. This scary situation can be one that takes a loved one away or can lead to emergency surgery to fix the blockage. While we can work hard to make our heart healthier, it is important we know and understand the symptoms and signs of a heart attack in case it happens to us or those we care about. The Integrity Urgent Care team has the advice you need to keep an eye on your heart. 

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Heart Health Men vs. Women

With the number of heart issues found in the population of our country, there are a number of factors and differences between different groups and subsets. The differences between men and women and how their hearts function, or don’t, is of particular interest and is important to take note of for our patients to make the best decisions about their own health.

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FAQ: Heart Disease

People talk about their hearts more than they realize. Sometimes it is theoretical, in terms of love and care, sometimes it is about their passions for others or challenging circumstances, other times they share vague details about their medical history or current issues they are facing. While Integrity Urgent Care Clinics are certainly invested in the first examples of discussions about the heart, we are probably better equipped to discuss the medical side of your heart, in particular by sharing information about heart disease.

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Show Your Heart Some Love: The Truth About Heart Disease

It’s February, and hearts are everywhere urging you to spread the love! But we’re not talking only about the feelings of love between families, friends, and the special “someone” we celebrate on Valentine’s Day. February is also American Heart Month, a national observance sponsored by the American Heart Association to promote awareness about heart disease and steps people can take to prevent it.