Worker’s Compensation Explained

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Worker’s compensation, or workman’s comp as it is more commonly referred to, is a part of the language we use in a variety of discussions, jokes, and anecdotes. However, just because something is part of our language, doesn’t mean we understand what it is and how it impacts us. Integrity Urgent Care has a clear understanding of Worker’s Compensation and when it applies to the patients we see.

What is Worker’s Compensation?

Worker’s Compensation is an insurance policy that protects both the employee and the employer in the event of a work related injury. By buying into worker’s compensation, an employee will get medical coverage for an injury or health related issue encountered on the job whether it is accidental, occupational, or other health related. Similarly, it protects the employer by ensuring there is a policy in place to help cover unexpected costs that rise up from time to time for unexpected issues.

Is worker’s compensation the same everywhere?

Worker’s Compensation will vary from state to state. Additionally, not all companies buy into worker’s compensation and not every issue will be covered. That is why it is important for you to understand what your employer covers and what they don’t. There are some policies, because worker’s compensation is an insurance policy, that you can buy into for yourself if you think you are at risk for getting injured on the job, but it’s vital for you to understand what your workplace covers first.

What sort of issues are covered by Worker’s Compensation?

Worker’s compensation may cover anything from carpal tunnel syndrome to loss of limb to loss of life. It all depends on the job, the employee, and the employer. Every policy will vary in the amount and type of coverage, as well. According to The Hartford, a specialist in business policies, “worker’s compensation  insurance helps cover medical expenses, lost wages, ongoing care costs, as well as funeral expenses if an employee is hurt, becomes sick, or dies as a result of a work-related accident or illness.” A purposeful injury or one caused by an altercation is usually not covered by worker’s compensation.

How does that process take place?

This varies a bit from situation to situation. If an injury is not in immediate need of care, you would want to report it to your supervisor or human resource representative. However, some injuries need immediate care or may reveal themselves over time. If you need care, get the help you need, and make sure to keep records of everything, including bills and any notes your medical team may provide you with. You can always ask for certain communication in writing to help. You can then file this information with your human resource department in order to receive compensation for your care. There will be a lot of paperwork, from accident reports to filing the bills you have received, but it will be worth it to receive the compensation you already have in place.

Can Integrity Urgent Care help with Worker’s Compensation?

Integrity Urgent Care is ready to serve you with many injuries, conditions, and ailments. Many common issues are seen by our staff and we have a number of labs and procedures we can do in office. Once we have a plan in place, we can work with you to get the information you need for your company.

To evaluate an injury you may have from work, come see us today. Our clinics are here to serve you, every day of the week, from 8am to 8pm. With a wait time that is less than most Emergency Room visits and a staff with expert knowledge and care, we can get you back to work or ready to heal quickly. For questions or to speak to our staff, contact us.

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