Vacation Plans Cancelled Due to COVID?

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We cannot help but offer what has become a cliché and exhausting statement, that 2020 has not shaped up the way any of us expected. Families, schools, businesses, churches, and more have had to adjust and adapt with increasing flexibility. How do you recover some of that normal with a vacation in the middle of everything taking place? Our Integrity Urgent Care team is looking for a break too, and we have a few suggestions for taking that getaway for yourself or your family.

Reopening State Parks

In Texas, we have a number of state parks with a variety of wildlife and geography to explore. These parks are currently open for day passes and limited camping. With such wide-open spaces, you can easily maintain social distancing measures while getting away from your day-to-day routine. Getting exercise or resting outside for the day are easy to do at these parks.


While beach attendance has received a bit of bad press in the media, going to the beach isn’t the concern. If social distancing is maintained, when on the sand, inside public buildings, and in the water, you can enjoy the spray and ocean breeze with your family. Remember basic water and sun safety which is especially important on these sunny days outside.

Rental Vacation Homes

There are a number of options for renting a home in another town or a more picturesque part of the state. Many vacation rental sites have added policies and cleaning instructions to keep these areas safe for those who visit. For many, this will be an option to consider because staying at home provides too many temptations to work and get things done. When traveling from place to place, try to keep contact with others at a minimum, following all local ordinances and guidelines.

Staying at Home

Many will choose to simply stay at home in hopes of being able to take a bigger vacation in the months to come, but don’t discount the fun of a staycation. Some museums, zoos, and parks are opening with limited occupancy. Smaller crowds can mean a quieter setting and being able to see more than you usually would. Trying new restaurants either in person or take out can be a great way to find your new favorite meal. Taking some sort of break, while unplugging from work and household chores, will be beneficial to your mental and emotional well-being. If anything, it is more important to take this break now!

Other Considerations

If you choose to visit a different state, your workplace or other appointments may ask you to quarantine for up to 14 days when you return. There are some states with different travel regulations so check this website ahead of time to make sure you can move across the state as planned. Packing extra supplies like sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, facemasks, and even a few rolls of toilet paper may help in the event you are stuck somewhere you cannot find supplies.


We hope everyone has a chance to find time to get away, in one sense or another, over the coming weeks and months. Time alone or enjoying your family is vital to being happier, healthier, and more productive in all you do. For those times when you are at home, and need medical help, visit us at Integrity Urgent Care.

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