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Many of our family and friends have big goals for 2020 which involve big improvements in health and fitness. However, along the way, there are small ideas and tweaks that can make a big impact on feeling and looking better. Here are some of our tips to follow for improving your health this year.

Eating Different

Try more vegetables. By eating more non starchy vegetables you will automatically be improving your health with the variety of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your body will have exposure to. Fill half your plate and try to look for different and deeper colors.

Eat on a smaller plate. By choosing a salad plate instead of a standard dinner plate, you will automatically trick your brain into consuming a more appropriate amount of food each meal. In one study, reported by, people who ate from a larger bowl ate 56% more than those who ate from a smaller bowl.

Switch up your carbs. Carbs are delicious, but need to be thought of differently. By switching your refined carbohydrate intake for whole, multi grain, unprocessed carbs, you will feel satisfied and can help with your health. 

Plan, plan, plan. Especially plan for snacks, making sure you have something healthy on hand at all times. By having a good and healthful choice, like nuts, whole, fresh fruit, or a healthy yogurt, you can get through the low points of your day without blowing the rest of your eating choices.

Replacement drinks. Recommendations come stronger every year for ditching sugary sodas and the added portions of your coffee. Instead, drink a glass of water with every meal and consider water as your primary beverage of choice. Another option for drinking is green tea, which is proven to have a vast amount of health benefits like boosting your metabolism and reducing the likelihood of certain conditions like type 2 diabetes. 

Moving More

Walk at every opportunity. By walking on your work breaks, during certain phone calls, or by parking further away from entrances, you may not be replacing a fitness plan, but you will be doing your heart, lungs, and mind a favor. If you can replace lunch with a short workout, the benefits increase from there.

Take the stairs. Not only are stairs great for your cardiovascular health, but they can build strength in your legs and hips that are important for your skeletal health as well. Additionally, reported that “on average, taking the stairs was 23.5 seconds faster per flight of stairs” when waiting for the elevator is factored in.

Stand more than not. See if your office or organization can covert your desk to a standing desk. Not only will you be improving your overall health, but you will be increasing your productivity. 

Sleep and Rest

Unplug. Whether you are seeking to unplug for large amounts of time from technology and social media or if you rely on it for work and downtime, consider unplugging for an hour leading up to bed. By decreasing the exposure to artificial light, you are allowing the brain to shut down and prepare for deep sleep.

Consistent sleep. This not only applies to getting consistent sleep in amount, but in the actual time you go to bed as well. Having a similar bedtime every night allows the body and brain to be trained to fall asleep more efficiently.

Meditation. Taking time to clear your brain and allow yourself to be still can have major improvements on your overall health. It has been shown to reduce, not only stress, but anxiety and depression. 

Integrity Urgent Care Clinics want to see everyone in our community be the best version of themselves. When illness or another issue does arise, we will be here to assist at one of our several locations. Feel free to come see us from 8am to 8pm, so we can carefully and quickly get you back on your way. 

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