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The staff of Integrity Urgent Care Clinic feels like we are a family in our day to day. But that family feel extends far beyond those on our staff. We want every patient to feel like they are part of our family. In fact, we want the entire community to feel like they are cared for by our clinics.


We know that the last thing people want to do, at any point in their week, is to spend time in a waiting room or exam room, wishing they felt better. We try to reduce your wait time and give you and your family the care you need, quickly and affordably. In addition to the best care possible, you can count on our clinics to run many of the tests you may need to get answers. By housing all these in the same place, we can provide complete care and provide services that you don’t have to drive a distance to get.


Each of our locations are chosen to make sure we can serve a community and their healthcare needs. Each community may be different, but the basics of healthcare are the same. Families need help with cold and flu season, kids fracture bones and sprain limbs, and every once in a while, other health needs pop up that need our care. We also love the communities we are located in because of how they feel before we even choose our next site. Their focus on serving one another, working together, and enjoying life appeals to our Integrity team. 


We know that every family and patient is unique. Their coverage, their needs, and their overall health will vary greatly. This is why we choose to partner with a number of different insurance providers to make sure we are covering as many of those families as possible. For those who elect to self-pay, we ensure competitive rates for every service we provide, so healthcare never has to be a choice. Additionally, the care we provide will be just as unique, with one steadfast rule, that every patient will be treated with respect, concern, and care. As our own Dr. Eddy Dark states, “Why can’t we go back to treating patients how we would want to be treated?” This applies to listening to every concern, explaining every diagnosis, and valuing your time as being just as important as our own.

To learn more about Integrity Urgent Care, to see our services, and to find the location closest to you, contact us today. We are ready for our family to serve your family and to provide you with the care you need to get back to working in the communities we both love.

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