Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Kids go trick or treating
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It’s almost Halloween! For kids (and some adults!), October 31st is easily one of the most exciting nights of the year. Keep everyone safe by following these tips!

Only adults should carve pumpkins. If your children are younger, try decorating pumpkins with markers, glitter glue, stickers, or paint as a safer alternative to carving.

Light pumpkins with flashlights, battery-operated flameless candles, or glow sticks instead of candles. If you must use candles, place candlelit pumpkins on a sturdy surface away from flammable objects and never leave them unattended.

Children under 12 should always trick-or-treat with an adult.

Older children should always trick-or-treat in a group. Be sure to discuss ground rules before they head out. Plan a route with them. Remind them to never leave the group, walk on the sidewalk, look both ways before crossing the street, and only approach homes that are clearly lit. Stress that they should never go inside a home or car for a treat. Each child should carry a cell phone in case he or she needs to contact you. Give them a specific time to return home.

Check your trick-or-treating route using that National Sex Offender Registry. Avoid homes as necessary. https://records.txdps.state.tx.us/SexOffenderRegistry

Avoid costumes with masks. Masks can obstruct your child’s vision, particularly if they don’t fit well. Paint his or her face with kid-friendly, non-toxic paint instead.

Make sure that your child’s costume fits well. Costumes that are too large can be a tripping hazard.

Attach reflective tape to your child’s costume or treat bag if trick-or-treating after dark. It’s important that he or can be seen by drivers.

Someone in each group should bring a flashlight while trick-or-treating. Replace the batteries with fresh ones if necessary.

Inspect your child’s treats. Don’t allow him or her to snack while trick-or-treating. Feed your child an early meal before they leave and inspect his or her loot after arriving home. Throw away anything that is unsealed or has torn packaging. Keep only factory-wrapped treats and avoid anything homemade made by strangers.  If your child is younger, discard hard candy, gum, and other choking hazards. You can also bring his or her bag by Integrity Urgent Care to run it through our x-ray machine for free!

Drive with caution. Be especially careful while out on the roads. Watch for children who might pop out from between parked cars and be especially careful when entering or exiting driveways and alleyways. Excited kids are less likely to be paying attention and may not be looking for drivers – look for them instead! Drive slowly through neighborhoods!

Both Integrity Urgent Care locations are open daily from 8 am – 8 pm, including Halloween night! Walk-ins are encouraged and appointments are never necessary. Come by for a treat and to have your child’s Halloween bag run through our x-ray machine to check for any hazards!


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