Flu Shots During a Pandemic

A doctor gives a woman a shot in the arm
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The medical staff of Integrity Urgent Care always endorses getting your flu vaccination, at least for most of the population. This year, with so many changes in place due to COVID-19, we recommend getting your flu shot even more, as soon as possible. By protecting yourself against the flu, the next few months have a higher chance of going smoother in a number of ways.

Why It’s Different

The flu and COVID-19 are different viruses that will be present during the next few months, at the same time. The flu has a vaccination right now while COVID-19 vaccinations are still being researched and under trial. By as many people of the population getting vaccinated from the flu as possible, the overall health of the population should see some benefits.

Why It’s Important

The flu vaccination is always a great protectant against getting the flu. By training your body in building immunity to the virus, you are giving your body the best shot at staying healthy. This is especially important this year, and going into 2021, as our bodies need to be healthy in the event we are exposed to COVID-19. A body that is already weakened from the flu could be at higher risk for complications from COVID-19, especially those complications that are breathing related. Also, because the flu can still pose its own issues and complications, by reducing the chance of patients needing hospitalization, we can keep medical staff and physical space in the hospital available for others.

When to Get It

We recommend you get your flu shot as soon as possible. Because the vaccination takes some time to build full immunity, the sooner you get the shot, the sooner you will be protected. Additionally, we will begin to see flu cases rising in the coming weeks, making it imperative for as many people in the population to have their vaccination now. Even if you have to wait until November or December, it is still a good idea to get your flu vaccine as the season runs into the early spring.

If you are sick, with COVID-19 or not, you will need to speak to our healthcare providers about when to receive your vaccination. You will likely have to wait until you are healthy to get the shot.

Integrity Changes

When you get your flu shot with Integrity Urgent Care, there is no co-pay required. For our patients who are self paying, we have competitive rates to provide care for as many people as possible. When you visit our clinic, we will be sanitizing even more between patients, making sure high touch points are clean and ready for you. Additionally, any patients suspected to have COVID-19 are kept physically distant from our general care areas to make sure there is as little overlap as possible.

For your flu shot, to be tested for COVID-19, or for your general aches and pains, our staff at Integrity Urgent Care is available to treat you and your family. We are working to provide the best care, in the best environment, to get you back to your life. Our clinics are open every day, from 8am to 8pm. You can check in online or come see us, today.

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