Common Conditions That Can Be Treated at Urgent Care

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When a situation comes up, you may not be sure what to do next. This doesn’t just apply to your immediate triage to stop bleeding or take a temperature. It may mean that once you decide you need help, you aren’t sure where to head. Our team at Integrity Urgent Care is well equipped to help you with the common illnesses and injuries you face and the appointments and tests you may need.

Urgent Care Overview

Integrity Urgent Care is the perfect option for many of your non-emergency conditions and issues. In fact, it can be a better option than emergency care for a number of reasons. Similar to an emergency room, we are open extended hours and you do not need an appointment to be seen by our expert staff. We also take many major forms of insurance and have competitive self-pay options. That said, we can usually save money compared to your local ER, with most procedures or visits costing 1/10th of what may be charged in other settings. Also, unlike an emergency room, our wait times are a fraction of what you may experience as other situations arise that need other doctor’s attention at the hospital.

What Can You Do?

The list of what we provide is extensive. For general illnesses:

● Sore throat

● Abdominal pain

● Vomiting and diarrhea

● Allergic reactions

● Skin rash and poison ivy

● Headaches

● Asthma

● Ear pain

● Steroid injections

For injuries, we can treat and set many you may experience, such as:

● Fractures, Sprains, and Strains

● Lacerations

● Dehydration

● Back pain

● Burns

● Sports injuries

● Animal bites

If you need testing or suspect you have an infection, we are equipped to diagnose and treat your issue:

● COVID-19 and antibody testing

● Influenza

● Urinary tract infections

● Upper respiratory infections

● Bronchitis

● Ear infections

● Cellulitis

● Pink eye

● Sinus infections

● Skin infections

● STDs

We can also help with wellness:

● Vaccines (you may want to call ahead of time)

● School physicals

● Wellness exams

● Comprehensive male and female physicals with labs

● Pregnancy testing

We can do onsite X-rays and labs and work closely with local hospitals and medical providers to be able to order MRI, CT, and ultrasound imaging if needed. We strive for fast and friendly service, so your injury, illness, or issue is as minor of an inconvenience as possible. Additionally, we have locations across Texas to get you the care you need. For some of your wellness needs, our extended hours allow for a visit after work, between errands on the weekend, or just before picking up the kids, meaning your health doesn’t have to be put on hold until you can make time in your busy schedule.

If you have an issue you have put on hold or see something we can help treat from this list, come see us today. Our many locations are ready to serve you and get you back to your regularly scheduled lives.

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