a woman sneezes in front of a tree

First Aid Handbook: Allergic Reactions

The word allergies seems to be around us wherever we go, from kid lunches to labels on food to people finding excuses for their sniffles and sneezes, allergies are to blame. However allergies, and the ways they manifest can vary greatly from person to person and even vary greatly in the same person, depending on the stimulus.

A sign reads: allergy season ahead

Cold vs. Allergies

In Texas, it’s unavoidable, a runny nose, a scratchy throat, even a sneeze or two. As these symptoms pop up around us and even in our own homes, how do we tell the difference between a cold and allergies? Integrity Urgent Care has a few tips for the differences between these two common ailments and a few solutions to help you make a plan for getting well, sooner.

A woman is doubled over in stomach pain

First Aid Handbook: Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain is one of the most common, but most difficult to treat ailments in the United States. According to AbbVie, a pharmaceutical and research company, more than 72% of adults site experiencing abdominal pain a few times a month or more. Integrity Urgent Care is here to help provide information and guidance for the pain you may also have.

A girl sneezes in a field

When Allergies Become Too Much

Here in Texas, many of us suffer from seasonal allergies to a variety of grasses, weeds, trees, and other plants as well as a host of other triggers. Texas is one of the worst states for allergies, so if you’ve moved to Texas from other parts of the country, you may find yourself developing allergies even if you’ve never had them before. Some have said, “If it doesn’t grow here, it blows here!” Many doctors believe that allergens are so prevalent because we rarely experience a harsh winter with freezing temperatures. The Texas climate allows trees to pollinate year-round. Indoor allergens such as dust, pet dander, and mold, can also cause allergy symptoms.

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The Dangers of Dehydration

Everyone loves spending more time outdoors in the summer whether you’re taking a vacation at the beach, spending a few hours at a nearby pool, or just enjoying the longer hours of daylight and a more relaxed schedule. Previous blogs have discussed potential concerns related to sun exposure and heat-related illness; this blog will discuss dehydration.

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First Aid Handbook: Asthma

As we launch into spring, many people unfortunately find their desire to be outside more enjoying the warmer weather and longer daylight hours impeded by allergies and the possibility of an asthma attack. While the two are often talked about in the same context, they are not the same – although severe allergies my precipitate an asthma attack.

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First Aid Handbook: Sunburns

You may feel like a sunburn is permanently attached to your list of summer activities—family vacations, beach days, pool parties, camping trips, grill-outs, and sunburns. It’s all part of the fun! But did you know that every sunburn can cause serious damage to your skin over the course of your life?