Breast Cancer: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Types

A woman holds a breast cancer ribbon
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Breast Cancer, like other cancers, occurs when mutations develop in cell growth and replication. Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide with 12% of new cases designated as breast cancer each year. For a woman with a sister, mother, or daughter who has had breast cancer, the chances of her developing the same doubles. While regular mammograms are the best way to catch breast cancer early, there are some symptoms to be on the lookout for and Integrity Urgent Care has tips if you need to know more information.


Symptoms vary widely and some patients never know they have breast cancer until they give in to their doctor’s recommendations for a mammogram, an x-ray specifically targeting the tissue of the breast and chest. Some patients may find a lump during regular showering or a monthly self-examination. If you are looking for these, know they can be as small as a pea when you are doing your own checks. Additionally, skin dimpling of the breast, skin irritation, and pain can be symptoms some may experience. The breast tissue is not the only area you should check. If you are experiencing discharge from your nipple, your nipple turns inward, or you find a lump in your underarm area, you should speak with a medical professional right away.


A physician will perform their own exam and give preliminary information, but a mammogram will be needed in order to help understand what is going on inside the body. From there, a biopsy may take place to determine if the growth detected is malignant or cancerous, where the cells may have originated from, and to begin steps to identify if the cancer has spread to other parts of the body. This can be a process that takes some time and can be very worrisome for patients as they wait for their next appointment and the results of the testing. While waiting, it is important to lean on others for support, ask your medical professionals questions, and continue maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


There are over a dozen different types of breast cancer, including cancer that impacts the ducts, the lobules, which are responsible for milk production, and the breast tissue itself. Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, cancer that begins in the skin cells and invades the ducts and possibly lymph nodes, is the most common form. According to, “about 80% of all breast cancers are invasive ductal carcinoma.” Recurrent breast cancer is possible which means those in remission need regular screening and appointments to monitor their status. While breast cancer is often thought of as a female concern, and it is, males can develop breast cancer and should speak with their doctor at their regular appointment with concerns they may have.

If you need to speak with our medical staff, make an appointment or walk in to one of our clinics today. We can help get you the information you need and can treat many common illnesses and concerns. We want our patients to be the healthiest versions of themselves and hope that giving more information about issues like cancer will help others with their journey and provide a better prognosis.

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